There's Only One Black Corset

A molded leather corset that's designed for women with strength and confidence. And a little mischief.

The female torso is alluring and sensuous. I was inspired to create an undergarment that would celebrate this particular part of the body through an enduring design that was bold, yet sensual. I turned my attention to the corset to help do this; however, I wanted to create my own spin on it.

To do this, I stayed away from fabrics like lace or silk because of the association with femininity. I wanted this particular design to be compelling and dominant, yet still sensual. This is why leather, with its flexibility, was chosen.

The above image shows the technical drawings that I created for this corset. Although these vector drawings are essential for a production package, they are, to me, merely a guide. The real moment of truth begins when you start to make adjustments to your prototype in order to achieve the original vision.

Because of the unique way the corset was molded, there were a lot of unintentional marks (which turned out to be "happy mistakes") that enhanced the raw, yet perfectly polished look of the leather.

When someone wears leather, it commands attention. It also portrays strength and confidence. I designed this corset in mind for the woman who possesses such characteristics. Yet, the way it is represented, there's also a submissive side to it.

I would like to thank @brookeheitshu for modeling this undergarment. The way she brought this to life through her poise, confidence, and artistry was enchanting.

I also would like to thank my professor Ahmad for believing in me and helping me with the leather to see this project come to life. The countless hours I spent designing and molding the leather for this project was worth it.