Branding Strategy & Design Process for FALSEFORTE

FALSEFORTE is a personal studio in which projects in avant-garde fashion and graphic design are experimented. Each project is strategically picked to ensure they are well-thought-out and well-made. This dedication to craftsmanship is the motivation behind the studio.


The identity for FALSEFORTE features a raven and a pair of scissors. The raven was chosen because it's often associated with wisdom and knowledge. In addition to this, this is something bold, as well as elegant, that command attention to this fable bird's appearance. Scissors play a critical role in the work of any craftsman: tailors, home crafters, sewers, dressmakers, leather makers, and more.

When the raven and the scissors are combined, it produces a compelling image which symbolizes that everything created is carefully cut and designed with craftsmanship and passion. And a little mystery.

The above image showcases the main logo (top) as well as the secondary logos (bottom left) created for additional branding needs (i.e. Social Media) and any further design needs (i.e. Packaging).


An hourglass is added as a secondary logo for FALSEFORTE because the hourglass, symbolically, relates to death. In this life, one is only allocated so much time. How we spend this time will ultimately determine our legacy and how the world will remember us. This is the very philosophy behind FALSEFORTE’s backbone.


In conjunction with the identity, several stamps were made to strengthen the branding for additional application (i.e. Hang tags) and miscellaneous design needs (i.e. Invoice).

I spent countless hours researching and refining the identity for FALSEFORTE. I did this because it mattered. For me, it is the glue that will hold everything together as I move forward amongst a sea of competitors. Now, I can solely focus on creating and collaborating on further meaningful projects.