'Detached Devotion' Spring/Summer 2020

Detached Devotion is a Spring/Summer 2020 collection from FALSEFORTE. Depictions of void and sensuality are the principle behind the collection. The cuts, shapes, and fabrics expose the female figure tactically, allowing freedom for movement while defining the alluring curves of the body.

Detached Devotion harnesses multiple themes which coalesces into my vision of beauty. The sensuality of women figure is celebrated by having elegant white organza pieces paired with black leather undergarments that give off a both dominant and submissive impression.

The textile represents relationship between nature (represented by mushroom) and infrastructures.

The model wears oversized mushroom-inspired garments (pleats) with panels of black wool silk with top-stitching detail. The white top-stitching over black backdrop resembles the lights of skyscrapers at night.

The collection pays homage to the Victorian era’s classic shapes: corsets, pagoda sleeves, and cartridge pleating. However, this sedentary lifestyle is no longer relevant as women begin to have ultimate freedom in how they choose to possess themselves through clothing. The modern fit is designed for comfort with oversized forms and conventional details of formal-wear such as tuxedo shirts and dress shirts.

Ultimately, Detached Devotion celebrates the beauty of women through elements associated with nature, and in particular, mushrooms, within the forest that contains natural beauty.