Always on the Run

'Always on the Run' recognizes those rare individuals who dare to be different. The ones who chase their dreams fearlessly. The ones who go "all-in" to alter the odds for themselves or for others.

Such unique individuals do not acknowledge boundaries, borders, or limits. Instead, all they see is possibilities and openings. These individuals are "always on the run" as they follow their internal compass to unknown lands in hopes of finally satisfying their creative spirit.

This upcycled jacket is crafted from vintage denim jackets with black wash. Detailed with a top-stitched layer across the sleeves and shoulders.

+ 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane
+ Front flap pockets at chest and welt pockets at hip
+ Metal button closure
Internal leather label
Oversized (L-XL)
Limited release

Now available at FALSEFORTE's store.